Prosecutors will summon Lim Jong-hun, 58, former vice president of the court administration, who is considered to be a key figure of the judicial farming community. Starting with Lim, it is expected that the Supreme Court will launch an investigation into Yang Seung-tae, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The Seoul Central District Prosecut… Read More

Draw the attention in a '2018 of the Republic of Korea Navy International a naval review' vessel was held in Jeju Island, Moon Jae-in president new land is occupied by (the rising of the envelope), the soccer field.Not an area of the U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier three times. The kayaks were carried by residents and civic groups who oppose the inte… Read More

Moon Jae-in, the president, which was held in Jeju Island ‘2018 of the Republic of Korea Navy International a naval review’ the way to peace is by no means a rocky start, but persistently refused to admit to go the way the Republic of Korea.It's the ambassador said. As the second North-U.S. summit has been delayed since the U.S. midterm electio… Read More

Tomorrow will be colder than today. Taebaek and Daegwanryeong in Gangwon Province are expected to fall to below zero. According to the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) on Sunday, there will be a lot of clouds in South Jeolla Province and Jeju Island from early morning to afternoon, although the high atmospheric pressure near the Shandon… Read More