"Dating a Movie with VR elsewhere" SKT-SKB Launches Corn Social VR

[Herald Economy: Park Se-jeong] A content service has emerged that allows movie theaters to date and talk in a virtual reality (VR) space while in different places.

SK Telecom and SK Broadband announced on the 11th that they will commercialize 'Okshu Social VR' that allows them to talk with other participants while watching video content such as sports, movies and dramas.

'Oksu Social VR' combines social community functions into SK Broadband's online video service (OTT).

When one uses a VR device and connects to a service, one can enjoy and communicate the video contents of corn with other users.

When a reporter actually used a VR device and selected a living room and played sports broadcasting, a large living room with sofa and bookcase appeared before him.

In a virtual space, the avatar for each user is sitting next to each other and you can turn your head and look around 360 degrees to the back of the living room. Through earphones and microphones, it is possible to communicate with users. Up to eight people can participate in one virtual space.

There are five types of virtual space: living rooms, movie theaters, concert halls, sports rooms, and e-sports rooms. The space will be diversified.

Another characteristic is that the three-dimensional (D) space sound is applied to make the avatar sound that is sitting close to it louder or the sound can be heard in the direction where the avatar is located.

Avatar can select faces, skin color, hairstyles, costumes, and accessories to create its own version.

By applying gesture recognition technology, popcorn can be thrown or cheering balloons and palm beams can be shaken depending on user movement.

SK Telecom applied 사설토토사이트
'Treal Avatar Framework' technology to express Avatar's body movements and facial expressions smoothly in virtual spaces.

It applied for about 50 patents to implement natural virtual space and avatar behavior.

Furthermore, when 5G communication is introduced on full-scale, the company is planning to upgrade to a level that provides UHD images with up to 16 times clearer quality than full HD.

It is also planning to add a function that takes pictures with friends in a virtual space and shares pictures in real life.

'Oksu Social VR' can be used at Google Dream and Samsung Electronics' 'Gear VR'. You can download applications from Google Play Store or Oculus Store from the 12th.

It is available from the end of October.

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